“Fairy tale” is one word to describe the journey of the City Boys so far since Bojan took the reins of Kuala Lumpur City Football Club. Since that day, Bojan has led the City Boys to Malaysia Cup 2021 Champions. The City Boys have found themselves in the AFC Cup 2022 Inter-Zone Finals, where they will play PFC Sogdiana of Uzbekistan. The winner of this match will qualify for the final of the AFC Cup 2022.


In a Pre-Match Press Conference, Bojan was asked about his expectations in the upcoming match: “We are a small club, and to be here is a huge achievement. We are punching above our weights. So, the pressure is not us, but on them (PFC Sogdiana).”


Indeed, as one of the smaller professional clubs in Malaysia, the City Boys has punched through against all odds as the sole representative of Malaysia. The character and self-belief the club has harnessed have been the core of the ongoing success of the football club.


He continued, “I know the boys understand the magnitude of this match but again, no pressure on us. The boys will play their hearts out and do their best. We have prepared as much as possible, which is up to the boys now. I do not doubt that they will give their very all.”


The whole of Malaysia is at a standstill as they watch the only Malaysian Football Club still standing firm in the AFC cup. What possibility could Bojan and the City Boys write more? Just one more step to the Final.


Hopefully, the fairy tale can be continued.